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Ward 10 Youth Council

Are you looking to get more involved in civic matters? Do you have ideas that can make our community better?  Let your voice be heard!  I am excited to launch my Ward 10 Youth Council for the 2018 term. My Ward 10 Youth Council offers a unique opportunity for a dozen or so youth and young adults to dialogue together on issues that affect and are important to youth! I am looking for energetic and enthusiastic students and young professionals to serve as executive members for a term of about six months, beginning February 1, 2018. Thanks for visiting this page to check out the details as you consider applying to become one of the executive members. Ward 10 Youth Council logo


The Ward 10 Youth Council will include approximately 12 executive members and will meet monthly to advance its goals. The Council will elect is own leaders from among its members. Councillor McFadden and her Executive Assistant David Raakman, will offer support. There will be opportunities to engage with the Councillor on matters of public interest and specifically of concern to the youth of the community.

As this is the initial launch of the Council, much of the initial work will develop organically according to the needs and desires of the executive members on this first Council. The term will begin February 1, 2018 and will last until at least July 31, 2018 - perhaps longer depending on the viability and ambition of the members.


The deadline to apply for the inaugural council has passed

If you have any questions about the Ward 10 Youth Council, please e-mail me directly at