Road Safety – Trelawny Circle

Many thanks to the many residents who attended one or both of the online community townhall meetings that I hosted regarding the issues related to speeding on Trelawny Circle.

On September 22, 2022, city staff presented some statistics on speed studies, provided information on the current road configuration of Trelawny and the regulations and policies that impact what changes are and are not permitted, and answered questions related to the topic.

On January 11, 2023, Peel police officers presented statistics on speed enforcement on Trelawny Circle and introduced attendees to the revamped online traffic complaint reporting system called Road Watch, and answered questions related to the topic. City staff also attended and answered questions related to their expertise.

Due to limited time, not all the questions posed during the Jan. 11 meeting were answered. The unanswered questions were presented to city staff and officers for their response and then collated into a single document available here:

On November 1, 2022, I posted an online survey that sought feedback from the community on the preferred approach(es) to addressing speeding on Trelawny Circle. There were 267 responses. A summary of the results were shared at the end of the January 11 townhall and is available in the link here:

Next steps

I am planning to meet with staff and police to review the information gathered so far and discuss one or more approaches to present to the public for further consideration. In the meantime, city staff is working toward presenting a Corporate Report to Council with general, citywide recommendations around the automated speed enforcement program, community safety zone application, school zones on busier streets and related matters. The discussion at Council could inform what options may be considered for Trelawny Circle specifically. Furthermore, later this year, a pilot project is being initiated on Aquitaine Avenue from Tenth Line (abutting Trelawny Circle north leg) to Millcreek Drive that includes lane reconfiguration and that, too, could provide valuable information into the Trelawny Circle discussions.

I am tentatively targeting an in-person community meeting in March to further engage with the public on this important topic. Please watch (subscribe to) my Sue’s eNews for details on when and where this meeting will take place.