Police Services Board

I am honoured to serve as a member of the Peel Police Services Board (PPSB). I was first appointed to the Board in January 2017 and, one year later, I was elected by my fellow Board members as Chair. In July 2018, the Board unceremoniously voted to replace me. I continue to serve the Board and the public as a dedicated member.

Public safety is my passion and this role affords me a unique opportunity to provide input and guidance to issues of public safety, specifically as they relate to Peel Regional Police, Canada’s third largest police force.

I recognize the dedicated and often dangerous work that our front-line officers perform every day.  I appreciate and support their efforts in preventing crime and apprehending those who break the law to make our society safer for all law-abiding citizens.  I got just a glimpse of this during my “night in the life of a Peel Police officer” when I went for a “Ride Along” with a constable one night shortly after being appointed to this board.

I also understand the Board’s governance role within the framework of policing in our region, most notably the provision of effective police services, law enforcement and crime prevention through the enacting of policies.

The next few years will be important for the Peel Police Services Board as we will be dealing with the first significant update to the “Police Services Act” in more than 25 years. Many of the reforms that are being introduced have to do with police oversight and will directly impact our Board.




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