Lisgar Flooding Resolution

This page is dedicated to providing regular updates on issues related to the flooding in the Lisgar community.

Latest Lisgar Flooding Updates

Townhall and PIC on Flood Mitigation

I am hosting a virtual townhall to update residents on the latest efforts to mitigate flooding in the Lisgar District. The City of Mississauga's Transportation and Works department will join efforts by presenting options to the public on future siting of permanent...

EA begins for additional pump stations

The City of Mississauga is undertaking a Schedule B Class Environmental Assessment (Class EA) to determine the number, preferred location(s) and type(s) of pumping stations within the Lisgar District to reduce the potential for basement water infiltration. The study...

Pump system passes test

Today marks an important day in the efforts to mitigate flooding in the Lisgar District. The automated pumping station constructed in the parkette at Black Walnut Trail and Cactus Gate passed the commissioning test and is considered functional and operational....

Updated High Water Protocol

The City has implemented the Lisgar High Water Protocol (LHWP), whereby weather forecasts, and other relevant information such as High Water Bulletins from local Conservation Authorities, are monitored to identify more formative storms, including thunderstorms. During...

January 2020 Flood Update #5

Permanent Pump is a Major Deal On behalf of Councillor McFadden, I had the opportunity earlier this week to visit the construction site at the Cactus Gate parkette where the permanent pump and trench dewatering system is being installed. The sheer magnitude of the...

Jan 11 Flood Update #4

On Tuesday morning, Feb. 18, on behalf of Councillor McFadden, I met with Transportation & Works (T&W) Commissioner Geoff Wright, Director Helen Noehammer and the City Solicitor Andra Maxwell to discuss several questions posed by residents and our office...

Jan 11 Flood Update #3

41 homes reported flooding On January 10-12, 2020, the Lisgar area of our city received 64 mm of rainfall over a 30 hour period. The first reports of flooding in basements was received by the Ward 10 office around 5 pm on Saturday, January 11. Since then, 40 more...


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