The City of Mississauga is undertaking a Schedule B Class Environmental Assessment (Class EA) to determine the number, preferred location(s) and type(s) of pumping stations within the Lisgar District to reduce the potential for basement water infiltration. The study is required as part of the Municipal Class Environmental Assessment Process. An initial pumping station was recently completed at Black Walnut Trail and Cactus Gate. Any future stations would complement the work of this permanent station.

Multiple locations for the Foundation Drain Collector pumping stations will be considered by the Project Team to develop a long-list of alternatives. These alternatives will be evaluated against various criteria, including technical assessments, and refined through stakeholder and public consultation. The Project Team will then finalize the list of proposed permanent pumping station locations, as well as an overall prioritization of works and develop the preliminary design for the highest priority pumping station.

Consultation will be an important part of the process and public input will be solicited at various stages of the process. Details of a future Public Information Centre (PIC) will be advertised publicly as the study progresses.

Please review this Notice of Study Commencement issued April 29, 2021