I am hosting a virtual townhall to update residents on the latest efforts to mitigate flooding in the Lisgar District. The City of Mississauga’s Transportation and Works department will join efforts by presenting options to the public on future siting of permanent automated pump systems as part of the statutory environmental assessment process.

The meeting will occur on the WebEx platform on Wednesday, November 17 from 7 pm to 8:30 pm.  Residents who wish to attend must pre-register via THIS DEDICATED PAGE on the City’s website.

Meeting agenda:

7 pm – Opening Remarks

Update on Permanent Pump System Operations
Presentation of Future Sites

Update on Flood Mitigation Efforts

8:30 pm – Conclusion

*Note: times are approximate


Currently there is one operational pump in the Lisgar District that serves to create capacity in the Foundation Drain Collector sewer system by pumping water out of the FDC and putting it in the stormwater system. It is located at the Cactus Gate parkette along Black Walnut Trail in the north part of Lisgar. At Wednesday’s meeting, the public will be given details on how the pump is designed to work and data from the past year’s operations will be shared. The public will also have a chance to hear about proposed sites for future pump stations and offer comments and pose questions both during the meeting and afterward through an online portal.

Following this, the meeting will transition to a more general discussion about the recent flood mitigation efforts in the area and provide participants with the opportunity to ask questions of staff, the consultant and the Councillor about this topic. To honour everyone’s time, the meeting is scheduled to conclude at 8:30 pm and, to honour those who have asked questions that may have not been answered, these answers will be provided in written form following the meeting.  The presentation slides and written Q&A will be made available on the City’s website after the meeting. Recording of the meeting itself is not permitted.