In my ongoing effort to make our local streets in Ward 10 safer for all road users, I am pleased to share that I am using some of the Federal Gas Tax funding secured earlier in this term to have speed cushions installed on four more streets where speeding has been a consistent concern.

These proposed streets are:

  • Tacc Drive, between Tenth Line and Oscar Peterson Boulevard
  • McDowell Drive, between Tenth Line and Churchill Meadows Boulevard
  • Churchill Meadows Boulevard, between Quiet Creek Drive/Mocha Mews and Eglinton Avenue
  • Lisgar Drive, between Beechnut Row and Saratoga Way/Forest Bluff Crescent


Public engagement sessions will be held for each location during the first quarter of 2022 when residents living near these sites will have an opportunity to review the plan, ask questions and provide comments.

These four streets are among the six worst for consistent high rates of speed in Ward 10, according to recent speed studies. The other two are Forest Park Drive and Trelawny Circle.

I am pleased to share that Forest Park Drive will be in the queue for speed cushions in 2024 when the road is scheduled for reconstruction, as part of the City’s Traffic Calming budget. In the interim, Forest Park Drive will be a priority location for Automated Speed Enforcement cameras when that program is fully operational.

The situation on Trelawny Circle is much more complicated. Because this road has two lanes in each direction, it does not qualify for traffic calming devices under the current policy. In addition, because the school zone at Trelawny Public School is flanked by flashing 40 kph signage, provincial legislation makes it ineligible for ASE camera enforcement. I am working with staff on finding an effective solution to address the speeding that takes place along Trelawny Circle. In the meantime, I am placing regular requests for enforcement by Peel Regional Police.

Of course, all this is completely avoidable if we simply slowed down while driving. This is us driving on our own local roads; for the most part, we are not importing these motorists from other communities. Driving the speed limit  – now 40 kph on most interior roads and 30 kph in school zones – will only add 1-3 minutes to your trip, but makes our roads much safer for pedestrians, cyclists and other motorists.