A labour dispute involving Emterra Environmental, one of Peel’s waste collection contractors, and its employees has resulted in a strike action that is affecting some areas of Peel, including all of Ward 10 in Mississauga, as of December 6, 2021. The Region is shifting its the collection program to allow collection crews to focus on the first priority of picking up garbage and organics from homes affected by the strike. Collection delays are expected. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Below is a series of questions and answers provided by the Region related to this job action.

Waste collection truck

Frequently Asked Questions

Will the entire Region of Peel be affected?

The strike will impact curbside waste collection to approximately two-thirds of Peel Region (approx. 220,000 homes). This includes all of Caledon, Northwest Brampton, and Mississauga, west of the Credit River. The remaining one-third of the Region will not be impacted and should put out their waste as normal. Residents can check a map on peelregion.ca/waste to see if their home is directly affected by the strike.


Why is this happening?

Emterra has been in union contract negotiations with its employees. December 6, Emterra voted to go on strike until a contract agreement is reached.


Why has the Region allowed this strike to happen? What is the Region doing to stop this strike so we can get our services back to normal?

The Region of Peel uses third-party contractors to perform curbside waste collection in Peel. One of the contractors we use, Emterra Environmental, is currently in union contract negotiations with its employees. As this is an internal matter between Emterra and its employees, the Region is not able to intervene on their legal bargaining process, including their union’s decision to strike. The Region has a strike response plan in place to serve our residents as best we can during this challenging time.


How will residents know if they are affected?

Residents should refer to a map by visiting peelregion.ca/waste to check if they are affected by the strike. Residents are also able to look up their addressed-based collection calendar and will be informed if they are in the strike-affected area or not. Residents who have signed up for ongoing waste collection reminders will also be notified.


What do residents do if their waste is not collected?

For affected residents during their garbage pickup week:

  • You may experience collection delays. Please leave garbage and organics at the curb until further notice (even on the weekend).

For affected residents during their recycling week:

  • Recycling will not be picked up during the labour disruption.
  • Please hold onto your recycling until further notice.
  • Your organics will not be collected on your recycling week. It will only be collected on your garbage week.

Yard Waste Collection for affected residents:

  • Yard waste will not be picked up during the labour disruption.
  • Please hold onto your yard waste until further notice.


Why is my recycling, yard waste and other bulky garbage not being picked up?

Temporarily changing the collection program during this labour dispute – such as asking residents to hold onto their recycling, yard waste and bulky items – allows collection crews to focus on our first priorities (from a public health and safety perspective) of picking up garbage and organics.


Can residents drop off waste at Community Recycling Centres (CRCs)?

Yes, residents can drop off waste at CRCs. Normal guidelines and fees apply. Visit peelregion.ca/waste for info


How long will the labour disruption last?

There is no timeline on how long the labour disruption will last but the Region’s waste management staff will work to ensure that public is kept up-to-date of the service impacts.


Where can residents get more information about the labour disruption?

Residents can stay informed at peelregion.ca/waste and on Twitter @peelpublicworks. Residents are also encouraged to sign up for free waste reminder notification to receive important updates by text, email or automated phone message. Additionally, if residents call the Region, they will receive automated information about the labour disruption.


Why would residents not living in a strike area experience delays? It’s being collected by a different service provider.

Delays may occur because waste collection trucks might have to offload the collected items at different sites than usual before going back to their collection routes.


Should residents call or report problems online?

Residents who are not impacted by the strike can report their missed collection online. For those in the strike affected area, waste that isn’t collected should be left at the curb for collection. It is anticipated that many residents in the affected area will experience delays and challenges, so you do not need to report a missed collection. Rest assured that waste management staff are actively working through the issues.


What should residents/businesses do if they see a lot of illegal dumping happening during the strike?

Residents who observe illegal dumping are encouraged to report as much information as possible including date, time and location of the incident. They can do so anonymously by calling 905-791-9499.


Who is going to collect my garbage now?

Emterra is one of the Region’s waste collection contractors. While their unionized staff are on strike, they will be using temporary staff to collect curbside garbage and organics.