Winter Maintenance – Snow Clearing FAQ


Disclaimer: Every snowstorm is unique in terms of time of day, time of season, duration of snowfall, rate of snowfall, density of precipitation, total accumulation, amount of snow already on the ground, back-to-back storms, and other variables. These differences could and often do have a unique impact on the general responses to the questions posed below.



Frequently Asked Questions & ANSWERS  (PDF)


Frequently Asked Questions are listed below; Answers are provided in the PDF linked above.


When the City of Mississauga talks about “snow clearing service levels,” what does this mean?

What happens when the contractor does not complete snow clearing operations by the time(s) established by the service levels?

Who can residents call to report missed snow clearing on their street or sidewalk, and when?



Why did the plow only make one pass down the middle of the street instead of pushing the snow all the way to the curb on both sides?

What is the generally-accepted distance from the curb that the snow plow operator is aiming for when clearing the road, especially on “deep elbow” curves?

What is expected of plow operators when clearing snow from intersections onto or near sidewalk access points?

How can I report excessive salt use at bus stops?



Which roads are “priority” roads and which are “secondary” roads when it comes to snow clearing operations?

How does the City determine which roads are “priority” and which are secondary”?

Why does the City make a distinction between priority and secondary roads?

Why are some priority roads cleared two or three times before a secondary road is even plowed once?

Why are the Trelawny area laneways often cleared ahead of many secondary roads even though they service far fewer properties?



Which sidewalks are “priority” sidewalks and which are “secondary” sidewalks when it comes to snow clearing operations?

Why does the City of Mississauga only clear priority sidewalks and not all sidewalks?

Why is there no City of Mississauga bylaw requiring property owners on secondary routes to clear their sidewalks?

What recourse is there for residents who are concerned about those who do not clear the sidewalks adjacent to their properties?



What is a “windrow?”

Why does the plow have to clear the street multiple times, leaving a windrow each time, and forcing residents to clear this heavy pile of snow from the end of their driveway multiple times?

Why does the plow not do a better job clearing the snow from the street and moving it so that it isn’t in front of residential driveways?

Why hasn’t the City of Mississauga enhanced its service by clearing all windrows from residential properties?

What is the “Driveway Windrow Snow Clearing Program” offered by the City each year?



What parking regulations are impacted during and immediately following a snow event?

Why does the City not allow on-street parking during snow clearing operations?

How do residents know when temporary on-street parking permits have been suspended?

How is on-street parking during a snow event enforced?

Who can I call to report a vehicle parked on the street during snow clearing operations?



Why does the sidewalk plow damage my sod?

Who can I call to report damage to my sod by a sidewalk plow?

How long can I expect it will take for my damaged sod to be repaired?

My vehicle was damaged by city equipment during snow clearing operations. What do I do?



What are the details related to the City of Mississauga’s snow clearing contract?

How much does the City budget for snow clearing and what is the average cost per Mississauga household?