Sign up to be a Snow Angel

Could you use a little extra help clearing your snow this winter? Are you someone who is willing to help your neighbours in need?

Snow Angels Canada is non-profit organization operating a complimentary community benefit program that seeks to match people who need help shovelling snow with those who are willing to provide that help. For seniors, those with mobility challenges or others requiring assistance and don’t know where to turn, this is a great way to get the help you need. For those able to offer assistance, this is a simple and worthwhile way to give back to your local community and feel good about helping others. And students, you can earn volunteer hours toward your high school diploma.

How it works.
Go to the Snow Angels Canada website and register for the program under the appropriate banner (needing help, or offering help).
Those who need help: Once registered, you can post a request for help.
Those offering help: Contact any of the listings directly to make arrangements to shovel their property.

On the Snow Angels web site, visit the Help page for a list of answers to Frequently Asked Questions that outlines how the program works in more detail. It is completely free. It is completely voluntary. It is built on kindness and goodwill, yet it needs sufficient participation from a committed and dedicated cohort of volunteers in a relatively small geographic area in order to make it viable.

For high school students looking to earn volunteer hours, I will ‘sign off’ on your hours after a quick review confirming the work was completed. You need to advise me of your volunteer service no more than 12 hours after you finished shovelling. To let me know, E-mail a scan of your volunteer tracking sheet with details of the service provided, date and time, number of hours, and address of the property(ies) serviced, and I will sign it and send it back to you. Note, because volunteers are not paid, you can accept no remuneration for your service from the person you’ve helped.

Disclaimer: Kindly note that Snow Angels Canada is not affiliated with the City of Mississauga nor the Ward 10 office. I am only promoting the program to encourage participation for the benefit of the community. Any services promised but not provided is not the responsibility of myself or the Ward 10 Office and we cannot intervene in the social, non-binding contract between any parties associated with this program. Thank you for your understanding.