As your City and Regional Councillor I am committed to providing you with excellent service and upgrades to the Community we call home.

Construction activity on the streets noted below will begin sometime in the summer of this year.  A typical refurbishing includes, but is not limited to, the required removal and replacing of asphalt, the repair and replacement of concrete curb, repair of warranted sidewalk bays, and a repair of impacted driveway aprons.  The entire existing paved portion of roadway within the subject limits will be removed and repaved as part of this work.

Our Transportation and Works Department will be delivering letters to the residents impacted by this work shortly before the project begins.  The letter will explain the work further and when the construction will actually start along with the City of Mississauga contact names and phone numbers should you have questions before, during or after the work is complete.

The streets affected are:

  • Grossbeak Drive – from Britannia Road to Osprey Boulevard
  • Osprey Boulevard– from Prairie Circle to 100m west of Grossbeak Drive
  • Prairie Circle – from Grossbeak Drive (north leg) to Osprey Boulevard
  • Saltmarsh Court – entirety
  • Waxwing Drive – from Osprey Boulevard to Tenth Line West
  • Gemini Crescent – north section
  • Greenbelt Crescent – from Grossbeak Drive to Osprey Boulevard
  • Sundew Court – entirety
  • Flower Patch Court – entirety
  • Columbine Crescent – entirety
  • Lady Slipper Court – entirety