I am soliciting feedback from residents living in the vicinity of Erin Centre Blvd. and Churchill Meadows Blvd. about a safety concern in this neighbourhood. Since the fatal collision in January that took the lives of two young men along Erin Centre Boulevard, I have been working closely with the City’s Transportation and Works department to have a traffic light installed at Erin Centre Blvd. and Churchill Meadows Blvd. Some of my colleagues on Council are concerned about the money it will cost to put these lights in, even though funding is already allocated in the 2012 budget. For me, my main priority is the safety of the residents who live in our community.

In the past four years, police reports indicate that there have been 86 collisions on Erin Centre Blvd. and Churchill Meadows Blvd. in the vicinity of this intersection plus hundreds of tickets issued for speeding. Police enforcement does help correct bad driving behaviour and is one tool we can and will use to improve the safety in the area. However, we cannot have police there all the time (as that would cost taxpayers much more money) and so I am advocating for a traffic light which is proven to improve driver behaviour and make intersections safer, especially for pedestrians.

If you live in this neighbourhood, I would like to hear back from you as to whether or not you would support a traffic signal at this intersection. Please take a moment now to send me a quick e-mail: Sue.McFadden@mississauga.ca. Be sure to include your name and full residential address.