In an effort to calm traffic and make Ward 10 safer, I am pleased to announce the following:

  • A traffic signal has been approved for the intersection of Erin Centre Boulevard and Churchill Meadows Boulevard
  • An all-way stop has been approved at the intersection of Summerside Dr. and McDowell Dr.
  • An all-way stop is under review at the intersection of Juneberry Rd. and Summer Heights Dr./Elmbrook Crt.
  • A solid yellow line has been installed along the centre of Lisgar Drive from Derry Rd. to Osprey Blvd.
  • Zebra-painting is approved for the crosswalk at Lisgar Drive and Beacham Street.
  • Zebra-painting has been requested for the crosswalk at Freshwater Drive and Deepwood Heights
  • Signage has been approved along the Lisgar Trail at the Osprey Boulevard and Doug Leavens Boulevard crossings
  • Parking bays have been removed along Eglinton Ave. W., on the north side just east of Intrepid Drive to improve sight lines.
  • Parking bays have been removed along Tenth Line W., on the east side just north of Bentley Dr. and on the west side just south of McDowell Dr. to improve sight lines.