This is Day 7 of the incident.

The Incident Management Team (IMT) will be standing down as of Friday, July 21st. Transportation and Infrastructure Planning will lead the investigation going forward. If the City experiences significant precipitation and conditions in the Lisgar neighbourhood worsen, the IMT will reconvene.

Incident Name
Water Infiltration Issue – July 14, 2017.

Current Situation 

Rain is forecasted throughout the day today and is expected to clear later this evening. Pumps were set up around 11:00 this morning due to changing weather conditions. Staff confirmed that the Foundation Drain Collector (FDC) is working as expected and there are no issues on the roads in this area due to the rain so far. Staff will continue to monitor conditions throughout the day.

Impacted Residential Properties 

  • 24 residential properties affected in Wards 9 and 10.
    • 23 properties in Ward 10 located on Black Walnut Trail
    • 1 property in Ward 9


  • Data collection is ongoing.
    • Information will be collected from the remaining data loggers in Lisgar neighbourhood this week, including the creek.
    • Our consultant will then analyze the data and prepare a memo to staff summarizing their observations, targeting the end of next week.
  • Scheduled flushing of the FDC along Black Walnut Trail today has been suspended due to weather. Work will resume tomorrow.
  • The Closed-circuit television (CCTV) inspection will continue today along the trunk (FDC) sewer system (as it continues south, parallel to the Lisgar Meadow Brook Trail) towards Ninth Line. Although no deposits have been found in this section, it will be scheduled to be flushed. It is expected that the CCTV inspections will take three or four more days to complete, weather permitting.
  • As of July 19th, 2,050 metres of the FDC sewer system has been inspected by CCTV. All CCTV video will be provided to the consultant for review.
  • The Region of Peel is continuing with visits to the remaining homes affected by water infiltration and will try to secure elevation measurements from the basement floor to a windowsill of a side/front facing basement windowsill, if possible.
  • Staff are working with the Region of Peel to develop messaging for affected Ward Councillors to share with residents with respect to debris management. Works Operations and Maintenance were onsite yesterday and did not observe any debris curbside.