I am providing this notification regarding the long-awaited work of improving traffic flow and safety along a portion of Tenth Line West in Churchill Meadows.


Late last year, I held an Open House to discuss proposed changes to the on-street parking along Tenth Line between Britannia Road and Thomas Street. The recommendations that were suggested at the time and later approved by Council included removal of on-street parking on both sides of Tenth Line from Britannia Road to McDowell Drive. The bicycle lanes will be moved adjacent to the curb, there will be one lane of traffic in each direction with a centre turn lane for making left turns at the intersecting streets.  In addition, a few parking spaces will be removed near intersections between McDowell Drive and Thomas Street to improve sightlines for motorists coming out of the side streets and plaza exit.


These changes are being made primarily to address safety concerns following multiple vehicle collisions along this stretch of roadway. I believe it will also improve safety for cyclists and improve traffic flow, especially related to left-turn movements.


The work is expected to begin within days and will take about three to four weeks to complete, weather permitting. Signage needs to be removed and installed to reflect the new parking regulations, followed by a larger scale work that involves adjusting the pavement markings.  Once the work is complete, on street parking will no longer be permissible at any time on either side of Tenth Line West between Britannia Road and McDowell Drive.


Shortly after my Open House, surveys were conducted to gauge the desire for 15-hour parking on some of the neighbouring streets that do not yet already have it. None of the survey results met the minimum threshold for implementation. Other parking options available to residents who have guests coming over are 1) the 5-day on-street parking consideration and 2) the application for lower driveway boulevard parking. You can find out more about these options online: www.mississauga.ca/parking


Temporary lane closures (via construction flagpersons) are expected intermittently during pavement marking operations. Traffic delays may occur but should be minimal during this work. Please take care when walking, cycling or driving in the area.