Staff have provided my office with the following update related to the ongoing measures to prevent basement flooding in the Lisgar District.

Trench Dewatering and FDC Pumping Station – Detailed Design

Comments on the almost-complete drawings have been received from Halton Conservation. Initial comments have been provided to our Consultant (Wood) with respect to the Environmental Compliance Approval (ECA) from the Ministry of Environment, Conservation and Parks (MECP) and no significant concerns have been raised. It is anticipated that a final submission will be made to the MECP within two weeks. Staff comments are currently being compiled and we will be meeting next week with Wood to discuss.

Wood has provided us with a draft Specifications package, consisting of approximately 70 separate documents, which will require some time to review. We are also expecting to receive a draft Form of Tender within the next few days, for our review. We met with staff from our Capital Works section and from Materiel Management to see if we could meet your request to have the tender awarded by June 20th. Based on this meeting it has been determined that meeting this target will not be possible, however, staff will be working diligently with Wood to finalize the tender documents by the end of May, advertise it in June, with a target award date in July.

FDC Sump Pump Subsidy Program

As you are aware, we have recently received numerous requests for information regarding the subsidy program, due to at least one plumbing company undertaking door to door promotion of the City’s program and the Region’s backwater valve program. Some residents indicated that the company representatives were providing misleading information. Actions that the City has taken and will be taking in response to this issue are outlined in a separate email from Helen Noehammer to the Mayor and Members of Council.

High Water Protocol

The High Water Protocol (HWP) has been triggered on March 30, and April 14 , 22 and 26.

No basement flooding has been reported.