The City of Mississauga will be constructing modifications to two existing bus stop pads on McDowell Drive. The first is Bus Stop #3204 at the southwest corner of McDowell Drive and Delle Donne Drive and the second is Bus Stop #4903 at northeast corner of McDowell Drive and Questman Hollow.


Work will include excavation, placement of granular material and concrete, installation of curb and restoration of disturbed areas. The new bus stop pads will require a section of the parking lay-by area to provide an accessible bus stop and minimize conflicts between pedestrians, vehicles and buses.


After completion, buses will be serving the bus stop in the travel lane. During construction, access to the sidewalk and adjacent vicinity will be temporarily restricted. The work will endeavour to minimize inconveniences.


The work is scheduled to take place Summer 2020; due to COVID-19, an exact start date has not been determined.