I’m pleased to share that I was able to extend the traffic calming projects in Ward 10 this season by adding two sets of speed cushions along Osprey Boulevard in front of St. Edith Stein Catholic Elementary School. This is in addition to the already approved projects where five sets of cushions each are scheduled for installation along Tacc Drive (near McKinnon Public School) and Lisgar Drive (just south of Lisgar Middle School).  Based on public feedback regarding speeding on Osprey Blvd already solicited in the fourth quarter of 2019, I am happy to provide this permanent, 24-hour-a-day solution to reduce the speed of vehicle traffic in this school zone.  Once officially approved by Council in July, the work is expected to take place this construction season, tentatively earmarked for September, weather permitting.

By way of direct notification, I delivered a hard copy letter and information to residents along Osprey Blvd in the immediate area of the installation. I also e-mailed the same letter to those in the nearby vicinity who attended the townhall meeting I hosted in November 2019 on this topic. You can view this information by clicking the links below.