Beginning July 20, 2020, the newly renovated tennis courts at Churchill Meadows Community Common are expected re-open under the operation of a local non-profit tennis club. Meadowvale West Tennis Club (MWTC) has poured significant funding into the upgrades at the courts and are looking forward to welcoming its members and new tennis enthusiasts to join the club for tennis action this season.


With the transition, there have been some questions as to why these public courts are now managed by a tennis club. For several years, the City of Mississauga’s recreation division has implemented two operational models for tennis courts, one is Public Courts (the City manages these facilities) and one is Club Courts (tennis clubs manage and operate). Having these two management models has afforded efficiencies for the City and benefits to the community. In fact, a key recommendation in the Parks and Forestry Master Plan (pg. 64, Tennis Courts) is continuing to work closely with community partners, such as not-for-profit Tennis clubs or Rowing/Canoe clubs, to deliver quality sports programs to our residents and make good use of existing facilities.


Some of the benefits of the Club Court operational model, as reported by their multiple users, include:

  • Dedicated court time for longer than 30 minutes.
  • Social activities organized so that users can meet tennis playing neighbours. There are also five no-charge open houses offered annually for public participation (except when emergency measures are in place).
  • Single ladders and house and competitive leagues to participate in.
  • Affordable instructional and summer camp opportunities for children and adults by a certified Club pro.
  • Membership fees are reasonable and reinvested into the tennis facility such as the new court lights and an unofficial “Neighbourhood Watch” presence in the park during the evening.


Some have expressed concern that these public courts will now become private owned. This is not the case. While the courts will be managed by the Meadowvale West Tennis Club (MWTC), they will continue to remain at all times City-owned assets.


How did it come to be that Churchill Meadows Community Common was chosen as the site out of which this tennis club would operate. Almost 80% of the MWTC membership live in Wards 9, 10 and 11. In 2016 the City undertook a two-year review of all potential parks north of Hwy. 403 and west of Hurontario Street, with the intent to find the club a location that would meet their growth needs. Criteria used to identify the location included having a minimum of 4 courts and room to expand, an existing washroom, and parking.


Through extensive staff discussion and in consultation with the local area Councillors it was determined that Churchill Meadows Community Common fit the criteria required by MWTC. Following this decision, a public open house was held on March 20, 2018 to gauge resident’s opinion on the installation of lighting the courts.


The Club promotes healthy active living for all ages. Should you be interested in more information on the MWTC please visit their website. In our experience, Board of Directors are open to listening to what non-members would like to see at the courts.


Should membership in a club not be your preference, there are eight neighbouring unlit public tennis courts at Lisgar Fields and Settler’s Green Park and four lit courts at Hunters Green Park that are available to the public.