I have been advised by the City’s Animal Services of multiple sightings of coyotes near O’Connor Park (between Bala Street and Sunlight Street) in Churchill Meadows. Coyotes are commonplace in our communities and are an important part of the natural ecosystem as they help control the rodent and rabbit populations. Animal Services has indicated that a key reason for the higher-than-usual amount of coyotes near O’Connor Park is that some residents are feeding them – perhaps even intentionally (see this video for more information and actual footage of people feeding coyotes). Residents are reminded to NOT feed coyotes. They may become dependent on the food source and be unwilling to forage for food naturally, as well as lose their natural instincts that could lead to wildlife/human conflicts. Do not feed your pets outdoors. If you have a bird feeder, place only enough food for a few hours, clean up any spillage, and remove the feeder altogether if it is attracting unwanted wildlife or rodents.

The City provides a host of resources on how to avoid coyotes, how to better protect your pets, and what to do if you encounter a coyote. Please visit the Animal Services web page.  The city also maintains an interactive “coyote sightings” map and the ability to residents to submit their own coyote sighting.