My “Fireworks in the City” survey looked to gather general feedback from local residents on questions related to Mississauga’s Fireworks bylaw. City Council will be receiving a report from staff regarding what action, if any, the City needs to take to further regulate the use of fireworks in light of non-compliance to the existing bylaw.

My high-level and very brief survey included introductory background information, followed by two key questions (as well as some demographic questions on age, gender, etc.).  Respondents were first asked the over-arching question: Should Mississauga invoke greater restrictions on the use of fireworks in our city? They received a distinct second question based on their answer to this first question.

My thanks to the many residents who provided input.

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The questions and results follow…

Survey opened December 1, 2022 and closed January 25, 2023
Responses to the survey: 127


Background: Currently, Mississauga’s Fireworks Bylaw permits fireworks to be discharged without a permit on private property only, until midnight, on the following dates annually: Victoria Day, Canada Day, Diwali, Lunar New Year. We know from experience, however, that residents are increasingly celebrating with fireworks in city parks and other public places late into the night and on more occasions than these four dates. This can cause undue disturbance for residents, pets and wildlife. We also recognize that today’s fireworks products are larger and more sophisticated than when the City bylaw was first established. That said, the use of fireworks continues to be an important way of celebrating special occasions, both culturally and as a nation.


Question 1

127 responses; 18 NO and 109 YES


Question 2a
Responding No to question 1, resulted in the following question:


Question 2b
Responding Yes to question 1, resulted in the following question:

Where text is missing from the chart above:
Require a permit for the detonation of fireworks, regardless of date, occasion or location.
Reduce the size of the fireworks that can be discharged by unlicensed operators without a permit
Reduce the size of fireworks that can be discharged on private property without a permit
Reduce the time of day that fireworks can be discharged without a permit
Reduce the number of occasions annually when a permit could be issued for the discharge of fireworks
Increase enforcement of the fireworks bylaw
An outright ban on all fireworks – no permits issued for any occasion or festival (including Canada Day)
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An additional question asked for interest sake: