This week, I received the following letter and notification from Credit Valley Conservation authority regarding a special opportunity for Ward 10 residents:


For a limited time, residents in your ward are eligible to sign up for a free tree through Credit Valley Conversation’s (CVC) 2023 Tree Giveaway program. CVC’s home planting team will deliver and help plant each tree between May and October of this year. We’re hoping you can help spread the word about this exciting opportunity.

CVC recently received funding from the federal government to become a local delivery agent of its 2 Billion Trees program. Part of this new funding is being used to target urban areas in Mississauga with low tree canopy coverage—including wards 4, 9 and 10. CVC’s 2023 Tree Giveaway program is also funded in part by the City of Mississauga, and each tree planted will count towards the city’s goal to plant one million trees by 2032.

The CVC team will also be hosting a related webinar for constituents in your ward on May 3rd. The ‘Top Trees for Your Yard’ webinar aims to showcase some of the best trees to plant for beauty, shade, and climate resilience, and to inspire homeowners to help increase canopy cover in Mississauga.

We’d be very grateful for your support in promoting our Tree Giveaway program and our upcoming webinar through your communications channels. We’ve provided details for the webinar below and some social media content you’re welcome to share.

Webinar: Top Trees for Your Yard
Cost: Free
Date: May 3rd, 7-8 p.m. ET


To express interest in receiving a free tree, sign up at