Councillor McFadden and Ella Grant.I had the pleasure of connecting with Ella Grant earlier this month, a local high school student who published a book this year that helps children and youth deal with their mental health struggles. The beautifully-designed book, entitled “Fun 2 Fill: bullet-style journal,” is divided into 12 months, each with a theme, title page, inspirational quotes, mood trackers and habit trackers that are customized by the user. Ella developed the book on her own during the 2+ years of COVID as she managed with her own mental health.

“Like many people, I have struggled with anxiety, lack of motivation, sadness, and fear,” says the 15-year old Grade 10 Meadowvale Secondary School student. “Many of my struggles came from experiencing terrible attacks of pain in my head which resulted in countless tests and appointments. Eventually, I learned that I had to live with a condition called Chiari Malformation, which makes ordinary tasks painful and challenging.

“Not wanting my upset and worry about my future to take over, much of my coping was through bullet journaling. It kept me motivated and focused on the positive. I knew many people would benefit from bullet journaling as well, but I was aware that not everyone would have the time or artistic motivation for drawing the spreads and doing the set up. I wanted everyone to have this empowering experience, so I made a bullet journal with all the artwork set up so anybody can do it.”

You can find out more about the book and the author at

What is Bullet Journaling?
Bullet journaling is a very popular next-level diary which each person artistically sets up with monthly themes to include pages on  goals, reflections, affirmations, habit trackers and more. Not only is bullet journaling fun, calming and inspiring, it can actually help change your mindset to create the life you want despite what you are going through.

What an amazing accomplishment, Ella! Congratulations!!