The Vacuum Leaf Pick Up service offered by the City of Mississauga is coming to some properties in Ward 10 for the first time this fall.

To find out all about the program, please visit the City’s web page here.

Eligible properties include those where homes are at least 35 years old (from the date of assumption) and there are many large mature trees in the neighbourhood. An assessment is done annually and new streets are added each year as they meet these eligibility criteria.

For 2023, Saltmarsh Court, Sundew Court, and all laneways on Tenth Line, Mockingbird Lanes and Snow Goose Lanes, plus a few on Trelawny Circle will receive the complimentary service. To find out if your home is included, you can refer to the leaf pickup route map and schedule. If your address is listed for the leaf pickup service, you’ll get a notice from the City letting you know when leaves will be picked up in your area. My office is also sending out a notification to all affected properties with details about this service.

The collection period in 2023 for Ward 10 properties is part of the “Green Zone” and two pick-ups are scheduled, one each for the weeks of November 6 and 27, weather permitting. If home owners miss the first collection, they can catch the second round three weeks later. If they miss that one, they can bag the leaves and put it out with their yard waste up to December 8th.

There are also many environmental benefits to simply leaving your leaves on your yard. Just be sure to keep them away from catch basins to prevent overland flooding.

And, as a reminder, please be a good neighbour: if you notice your leaves are blowing onto your neighbour’s property after a strong autumn wind, kindly offer to rake and bag those leaves so they don’t have to.