At its November 13 meeting, the City’s Planning and Development Committee (PDC) will consider staff’s report on the Region of Peel’s employment sites review regarding potential conversion of three sites in Mississauga to permit multiple uses, including residential. A portion of the commercial land along Argentia Road, west of Winston Churchill Blvd., owned by Smart Centres, is part of this review (identified by staff as Site 1). This site is located in Ward 9 but has an impact on Ward 10 residents, as many residents regularly visit the site to shop or to have access to local jobs within their community.

Staff will be emailing all those who have subscribed to the project with a link to the report once it is available the week of Nov. 6. There will also be instructions on how the public can register to make a deputation. Your voice matters, and we want to make sure the community can share their feedback as well as hear what staff and City Council has to say about the findings. If you haven’t already done so, you can register by clicking “subscribe” on the top right hand corner of the website (

Because any approvals for conversion are the authority of the Region of Peel, no decisions on the conversion will be made by Mississauga Councillors at the Nov. 13 PDC meeting. Recommendations are expected to be considered by Region of Peel Councillors at their meeting on December 7. Staff will share more details about how to participate in the Regional Council meeting closer to Dec. 7. More details will also be shared on the project website.