Councillor McFadden’s track record has garnered her a reputation as a “woman of integrity” who delivers results based on community consultation and input.

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Ward 10

Ward 10 was first created in 2006 when the population of northwest Mississauga was growing to a point where what was then Ward 9 was the largest ward in the city. City Council approved a change that added two new wards: Ward 6 became Ward 6 and Ward 11 with minor tweaks to the boundaries of the adjacent wards, and Ward 9 became Ward 9 and Ward 10. Ward 10 is by-and-large a residential community.

Police Services Board

As a member of the Peel Police Services Board, I am excited to have the opportunity to provide input and direction into the policies that govern our local police force. Public safety is a key component to having a high quality of life and building strong, vibrant communities.

High Water Protocol Updated

The High Water Protocol has been adjusted to add another criteria to trigger the monitoring of water levels in the foundation drain collector.  It is now as follows: Deploying the City’s Emergency Repair Contractor and three, four inch pumps to predefined locations as...

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Committee Appointments

As the new term of Council begins, I am excited to get started on the important work that takes place in the various committees-of-the-whole and advisory committees of Council.  For 2018-2022, I am a member of the following committees: CITY OF MISSISSAUGA General...

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