I am providing a quick update on the capital infrastructure projects taking place in the Trelawny area. Recently I organized a meeting with staff from the Region of Peel and the City of Mississauga to work out the timing of the installation of the flushing stations in the Trelawny cul de sacs and the resurfacing of Trelawny Circle, Mockingbird Lanes and Bishop Strachan Court.  Significant delays in the flushing stations project have required some further changes in the resurfacing project.

I had two main objectives to minimize any negative impacts to homeowners in the area.

  1. To ensure that the repaving of any cul de sacs occurs after the installation of the flushing stations.
  2. To ensure that the resurfacing of Trelawny Circle (main roadway) is completed during the summer, before the start of the new school year.


I have received a construction schedule for the resurfacing project from the City. The plan is to repave Trelawny Circle first so that the areas in front of the schools are done by September 1. Following that, Bishop Strachan Court and Mockingbird Lanes will be repaved.  Please note that curb and sewer work will likely begin in the summer on all three streets but the priority for repaving will be Trelawny Circle.

Not all of the cul de sacs are being resurfaced as part of this project, only those marked in red on the attached map. The yellow and green ones will be done when necessary in future years. It is our understanding that some (perhaps most) of the red cul de sacs will be resurfaced in 2015 rather than this year because of the delays with the flushing station installation project. The schedule for repaving these red cul de sacs is not available at this time.


All 132 cul de sacs (or nail heads) will be getting a flushing station installed. The contractor for the Region of Peel will be working around the City’s resurfacing schedule to install the flushing stations. All of this work is done in the cul de sac and all of the initial resurfacing work is done on the main roadway, so co-ordinating these two projects simultaneously is possible.  The Region’s contractor is starting on Tenth Line West with installation of the flushing stations and this entire project is expected to be completed in early October.

Directly affected homeowners should have received notices from Peel and Mississauga related to each of these projects. Contact names for each project are included on those notices if you have any questions about timing or scope of work. I am sending this note to a wider group than just these homeowners to advise of the construction because many residents use Trelawny Circle to get in, out and around in Lisgar.

Please have patience during the construction phase. This temporary inconvenience will be followed by years of good quality and aesthetically-pleasing infrastructure. If you have questions or comments, feel free to contact my office.