This spring we are looking forward to the successful construction of the park washroom at Lisgar Fields Community Park. Construction is anticipated to start late May and should be complete by the end of October, 2015. Further refinement of the park washroom has occurred since the concept plans were presented at the Public Open House in June, 2014. Below is a list of design changes:

  1. Review of the roof runoff flow calculations and the clay soil conditions has determined that four times the area of permeable pavement is required to achieve some infiltration.  The revised solution has concrete pavement at the front of the building and grass surrounding the building.  This solution is significantly more cost efficient, and the grass surface permits water to soak into the ground.
  2. Five silver maple trees need to be removed to allow for water and sanitary servicing. Some of the trees have suffered ice damage, and others have weak structural form.  Five quality trees will be replanted in their place.  Forestry staff will remove the trees before the construction of the park washroom. Your office will be notified one week before the trees are taken down.
  3. The existing bike racks shall be relocated to the concrete pavement proposed in front of the building.
  4. A P-gate is proposed for the pathway leading from the parking lot to the park washroom. The gate will restrict unauthorized vehicles from entering the park, but allow pedestrians, cyclists, strollers, etc. to enter.
  5. A portion of decorative fence along the front of Lisgar Park will be removed to allow for construction access.  Replacement of the fence will take place once the park washroom is complete.

During construction, City staff will ensure the contractor is taking all measures to provide a safe environment while the park washroom is being built; especially concerning the adjacent uses of the playground and spray pad.