Residents living in the northwest corner of Ward 10 recently received a notice from TransCanada regarding an upgrade to the natural gas measurement and control facilities at the Parkway Belt Meter Station.

This station, located on the east side of Hwy 407, south of Derry Road, is one of the contracted delivery points for gas that will be received in the Niagara area. Currently, the station measures gas delivered from a common pipeline system to two interconnected pipelines. The proposed modifications will separate the system to allow for independent operation of TransCanada’s measurement facilities. This will involve the installation of a new buried station pipe, as well as associated valves and ancillary piping. The new pipe will consist of approximately 20 meters of 24-inch diameter pipe. Additionally, approximately 14 meters of existing 24-inch diameter buried pipe will be replaced with 30-inch diameter pipe.

The upgrades to the facility will take place entirely on TransCanada’s existing station property. The construction period at this site will occur over a five week period. During construction, there will be an increase in traffic flow in and around the site. Construction activities typically generate a certain amount of noise. TransCanada will meet applicable noise limits throughout construction and the ongoing operations of the Project. TransCanada will provide notice to the community prior to the commencement of construction.

I have received confirmation from city staff and an external consultant that this construction project will have no impact whatsoever on the watershed in the Lisgar District.