Construction on the new Meadowvale Community Centre is progressing on schedule. It began in July 2014 and is expected to be completed in 2016. The redevelopment of Meadowvale CC will expand and improve recreation programming, public accessibility and replace building systems that are at the end of their 30 year life cycle. Also, it is an opportunity to colocate the Meadowvale Library to this site.

Expanded features will enhance the comfort, convenience and safety for facility users as well as increase operational and program efficiencies for the City. Redevelopment will modernize Meadowvale Community Centre making it fully accessible and meeting the recreation needs of the community today and in the future. By incorporating Meadowvale Library into the space, residents will have convenient access to both recreational and library services in a more efficient and costeffective space.

Once completed, residents will enjoy the benefits of:

  • Improved security and control access points
  • An enlarged and integrated fitness space
  • New meeting rooms and program space
  • A new gymnasium
  • A new therapeutic pool

Located at 6655 Glen Erin Drive in Ward 9, the centre serves the north-west portion of what the City’s Community Services Division refers to as “Area 1,” stretching from the city’s northern and western boundary limits to Eglinton Avenue West in the south and east to the Credit River. Meadowvale CC’s 2.5-km radius, a service level benchmark for major community centres, covers much of the Lisgar District and functions as the recreation facility serving the northern part of Ward 10.