I received the following update from staff on the ongoing work in the Lisgar District.

Storm Sewer Lining (Phase 1)

Pipeflo Contracting completed the sewer lining works for the Phase 1 area on March 17. A piece of every liner that was installed was sent for testing and every liner has passed the testing requirements. The post-lining leakage testing is tentatively scheduled for April 24th.

Dewatering of the Utility Trench

Our consultant has provided draft engineering drawings for the utility trench dewatering system at Cactus Gate, for review and comment. Once these drawings are finalized, they will be used to develop a Request for Tender (RFT) later this year for the construction services and materials required to build the trench dewatering system.

Works Planned for 2017

The City has applied for funding under the Federal/Provincial Clean Water and Wastewater Fund (CWWF) program for 10 stormwater projects. Included in this list are two Lisgar Implementation projects: the Utility Trench Dewatering System at Cactus Gate and the Storm Sewer Lining (Phase 2) at Doug Leavens Boulevard and Osprey Boulevard (see figure). The Utility Trench Dewatering System was already scheduled for 2017 in the City’s Capital Plan, but the Storm Sewer Lining (Phase 2) has been moved forward from 2018 to this year to take advantage of the CWWF funding opportunity. We are anticipating issuing the RFT for the Phase 2 Storm Sewer Lining in May.