This email is intended to provide an update on the Lisgar Implementation project, which is currently focused on storm sewer lining work and dewatering of the utility trench.

Storm Sewer Lining

The Request for Tender for the Phase 2 storm sewer lining work was released this spring and closed on May 24th.  The bids were reviewed in early June and the recommended bidder has been selected.  Prior to awarding the contract, additional testing and analysis of the Phase 1 sewer lining work is being conducted.  The team expects to have these results in the next 3 to 5 weeks, after which a determination will be made on how best to proceed with the Phase 2 lining work.

Dewatering of the Utility Trench

The team has secured a Permit to Take Water from the Ministry of Environment and Climate Change for the construction and testing of the Cactus Gate Utility Trench Dewatering system.  To address conditions of the permit approval and to finalize the dewatering system design, the team is undertaking additional study to analyze and address the potential for localized impacts that may result from the dewatering activity.  Once this work is complete and the engineering drawings are finalized, staff will proceed with the development of a Request for Tender (RFT) for the construction services and materials required to build the trench dewatering system.  Staff is continuing to target the release of the RFT this year.

Staff will continue to provide updates as work progresses.

Best regards,


Jeremy Blair, P.Eng.