I sent the following e-mail to all residents on the “flood reporting distribution list” on Friday morning, July 14, following the report of three homes that experienced flooding over night. Since that time, 11 additional homes have reported flooding, all along Black Walnut Trail, all backing on to Sixteen Mile Creek.

Dear Residents,

Please take careful note of the following bulletin.

I have been advised that basement flooding has occurred overnight in the dwellings of three residents (so far) living in the Black Walnut Trail area, backing onto Sixteen Mile Creek, north of Derry Road. I have been in regular and ongoing contact with City of Mississauga staff since just after 7 o’clock this morning to address this issue immediately. I anticipate that staff will be on site later this morning to investigate and take the necessary preventative measures to limit the chances of further flooding, as more rain is expected today and the ground is already saturated.  If you have not been flooded but you know your home is prone to flooding under these conditions, please ensure your sump pumps are ready just in case.  If you have experienced flooding, leakage or seepage in the last 8 to 12 hours, please contact my office by phone or e-mail as well as calling the City at 3-1-1 so we can determine how widespread this incident might be.  We will take the remainder of this day and following to investigate what happened in this case and I will keep you updated throughout.

I am sending this note directly to everyone who has ever signed up to be on the “flood notification list” since 2011. You may have moved away since then; please pardon the interruption. If you have a new neighbour who moved into a home that you know has been prone to flooding and they haven’t signed up to be on my list, please kindly let them know about this notice and ask them to connect with my office to stay informed.

I can’t begin to tell you how disappointed I am to hear of this latest occurrence. You have my commitment that I will address this matter as my top priority to understand how this happened and what are next steps will be.

Kindest regards
Sue McFadden
Ward 10


bcc:  Mayor Bonnie Crombie
Janice Baker, City Manager
Geoff Wright, Commissioner, Transportation & Works
Mickey Frost, Director, T&W
Helen Noehammer, Director, T&W
Jeremy Blair, T&W
Lincoln Kan, T&W
Mary Ellen Bench, City Solicitor
Lucy Montalbano, Director, Risk Management
Ivana DiMillo, Director, Communications
Carley Smith, Senior Advisor, News Media
Janette Smiith, Commissioner, Public Works, Region of Peel