This is Day 5 of the incident. 

Incident Name
Water Infiltration Issue – July 14, 2017.

Current Situation


The forecast continues to vary, with a mix of sun, cloud and showers for the remainder of the week. Works Operations and Maintenance will continue to monitor Foundation Drain Collectors (FDCs) and has contractors on standby to set up pumps, if needed.

Impacted Residential Properties

  • 21 residential properties affected in Wards 9 and 10
    • 20 properties in Ward 10 located on Black Walnut
    • 1 property in Ward 9


  • Rainfall data gathered at the Garry Morden Centre shows 32 mm of rainfall within 3 hoursbeginning around midnight on Friday, July 14th.
  • Region of Peel has spoken to 10 of the residents who experienced water infiltration. Preliminary observations indicate that water is not coming from the sanitary system and is entering through foundation at joints.
  • Region of Peel Operators will try to make contact with the remaining residents to conduct brief survey and provide information about flood recovery and waste management.
  • Closed-circuit television (CCTV) inspection of the FDC system will be completed today on Black Walnut Trail to determine if flushing is required.
  • Our consultant will provide an analysis of available data to City staff today. The analysis will be looking at things like water elevations within the FDC and in the surrounding soil to determine why this event resulted in water infiltration and other events have not. An investigation action plan will be developed based on this information.
  • A public meeting will be planned for a later date for stakeholders to attend and learn more about what is being done to address the situation.