This is day 4 of the incident.

An interdisciplinary team is meeting daily to discuss response and recovery efforts in relation to the water infiltration event reported on July 14th. The group includes representation from Transportation and Infrastructure Planning, Communications, Works Operations and Maintenance and the Region of Peel. Daily updates will be provided to you following these meetings, until further notice.

Current Situation


The flood outlook issued on July 12th is no longer in effect. The forecast indicates some rain today and again on Thursday. Works Operations and Maintenance will continue to monitor the foundation drain collector system (FDC) and has contractors on standby to set up pumps, if needed.

Impacted Residential Properties

  • 16 residential properties affected in Wards 9 and 10.
    • 15 properties in Ward 10 located on Black Walnut Trail
    • 1 property in Ward 19


  • Preliminary feedback from the Region of Peel indicates that the water infiltration was not the result of a sanitary surcharge.
    • There is a two stage alarm process to identify sanitary system surcharge. No alarms were reported during this event.
    • The Region attended onsite to identify any physical signs of a sanitary surcharge within the system; no signs of surcharge were found.
    • The Region has visited three of the affected addresses and has determined that no sanitary surcharge was evident in those basements. The Region will attend the remaining addresses this week and provide a report on their observations.
  • Data collection has been initiated to determine why this event resulted in water infiltration and other events have not.
    • A consultant has been engaged to gather information from data logs in FDC and storm sewer system. Data will also be gathered from the City’s rain gauge network and compared to past rainfall events with similar amounts of precipitation to try to determine what was different about this event. A preliminary analysis of all available data will be reviewed tomorrow afternoon and will inform an action plan for the investigation.
    • Weather radar data is also being reviewed.
  • Works Operations and Maintenance road patrol continues to monitor FDC levels. Levels are reported as normal.
  • The FDC system will be flushed and inspected by CCTV to identify any potential obstructions. Inspection will be completed by end of week. Report to follow.