At last week’s community meeting, a number of recommendations were presented to the public to address the flooding of properties near the Sixteen Mile Creek and the expense and stress that has come with it.

At my urging, staff is recommending that the Permanent Pumping Station be funded and installed earlier than forecast in the original action plan. This important piece of infrastructure will automatically remove water from the Foundation Drain Collector sewer system when it reaches a certain critical level. Currently this function is done manually by contractors through the High Water Protocol depending on the weather forecast, which hasn’t always been reliable. The design and installation is recommended for 2018, subject to budget approval at Council in late November 2017.

Council will also be asked to approve a change to the sump pump subsidy program that will increase the value to $6,000 without the 50% cost-sharing component. Staff are continuing to look at additional options that could add flexibility to the program and allow for eligibility of other flood mitigation expenses to be covered.

The storm-sewer lining program has been suspended given the data analysis from the most recent storm indicating that the work was not as effective as hoped.  A new approach already being tested is the sealing of sub-drains attached to the catch basins in the roadway as a way to stop water from entering the utility trench.

Work on the design of the trency de-watering system is ongoing and the first one is expected to be installed next year.

The community meeting was video-taped. The recording of that meeting has been posted online on the City of Mississauga’s Lisgar Investigation flood page.