At General Committee yesterday, city staff presented a report to Councillors recommending a number of measures to address the basement flooding that has plagued a number of homes in close proximity to the Sixteen Mile Creek in Lisgar. These measures were the ones that were presented publicly at the community meeting I held last month at Our Lady of Mount Carmel Secondary School. The key items include:

  1. Funding previously allocated to the lining of storm sewers is now being redirected to fund the design and installation of a permanent pump in 2018;
  2. The sump pump subsidy program is being amended to remove the one-half cost sharing requirement between the City of Mississauga and the homeowner and to reflect a maximum contribution of $6,000 per household to be provided by the City of Mississauga towards the full cost of the sump pump installation, and that this subsidy be made retroactive to compensate homeowners who had previously received a sump pump subsidy from the City.

To view the entire report, please click here and go to page 62.

I am pleased to share that all five recommendations in the report were approved unanimously and, subject to Council approval next Wednesday, will become the revised plan from which staff will take action.