Spring cleaning is a common activity in households this time of year; the warmer weather begs us to want to spruce up both the inside and outside of our homes. The same is true for our community – our public parks, streets and trails – that we love to enjoy here in Ward 10. There’s a lot of wind-blown litter that is lying around after our long, cold winter.

I know the residents of Ward 10 care about how these public spaces look and so do I. Together, we can make a difference! I would like to encourage all Ward 10 residents to take the initiative to tidy up our community by organizing and participating in your own “No Litter in My ‘Hood” clean-up event.

Here’s how to get started:

  1. Pick a Public Space to clean up. It could be a few streets, your nearby park, a woodlot, or trail.
  2. Find a date and time in April or May that works for you.
  3. Register your event with me by e-mail: sue.mcfadden@mississauga.ca and include the information in 1 and 2 above. Also be sure to provide me with your name and address and an estimate of how many people you expect will participate with you.
  4. Advertise your event with your neighbours, family, friends – whomever you can get to help you. The more hands, the more you can tackle! Let them know there’ll be something in it for them. (See #6)
  5. A few days before your event, I will supply you with garbage and recycling bags and some information about where to leave the full bags for the city to collect.
  6. I will also provide a complimentary pass for a drop-in activity at a community centre or arena for every person that helps out!

This is a great way for high school students to earn community volunteer hours toward graduation. I’ll be happy to sign their form.

I will try to attend your clean up event, if my schedule allows. Thank you for helping to make our public spaces beautiful this spring!