In October, I received a year-to-date report from Security Services related to incident volumes in Ward 10 requiring their enforcement. Corporate Security officers are responsible for enforcement of municipal bylaws on public properties such as parks, libraries, community centres, arenas and other public buildings. While the volume in Ward 10 is always among the lowest across the city, our officers have been much busier here this year as they respond to a rise in typical incidents of mischief, vandalism, etc. in addition to the enforcement of new regulations around social gatherings related to the global pandemic. We had a 223% increase of reported incidents in the first three quarters of 2020 compared to the same time last year (see graphic below). The vast majority (95%) of incidents have been in parks, with O’Connor Park (23), Marco Muzzo Sr. Memorial Park and Woods (21), Churchill Meadows Community Common (19) and Lisgar Community Fields (16) topping the list.

Graffiti has been more prevalent this autumn than in previous years as well, with gang type tagging on a bridge underpass and vulgar words spray-painted on the washrooms in Churchill Meadows Community Common to name just two. To curb the proliferation of this kind of activity, we aim to get this graffiti removed as quickly as possible – at tax payers expense, unfortunately – and I want to thank the many residents who e-mailed me to advise of the vandalism in our community so we could deal with it quickly.

I’m grateful for the work of our security services team members who, especially this year, are working hard day and night to keep our public infrastructure safe for the enjoyment of the community.

If you see an incident in our parks or other public buildings, please call 311 during regular business hours or 905-896-5040 day or night to report it.  For a crime in progress, please call police at 911.