The Neighbourhood Speed Limit Project was approved by Council on January 22, 2020 as part of the 2020 Budget. This project will reduce speed limits within more than 130 neighbourhoods citywide. In addition, more than 200 neighbourhood school zones will have a reduced speed limit of 30 km/h, and school area community safety zones will be implemented on all City roadways for all school zones within the City.


The first neighbourhoods to receive the 40 km/h Neighbourhood Area Speed Limits in Ward 10 are the areas around Lisgar Drive, Forest Park Drive and Osprey Boulevard. School Zone and Community Safety Zones within those areas will be signed before the end of 2020 as follows:


30 km/h School Zone Speed Limit

  • Lisgar Drive between Yarrow Avenue and Berryman Trail
  • Lisgar Drive between Honey Locust Trail and Saratoga Way/Forest Bluff Crescent
  • Lisgar Drive between Foxwood Avenue and Osprey Boulevard
  • Forest Park Drive between Juneberry Road/Wintermoor Gate and Derry Road West
  • Osprey Boulevard South leg of Nutcracker Drive and Waxwing Drive


Community Safety Zones

  • Lisgar Drive (entire roadway)
  • Trelawny Circle (in front of Trelawny Public School)
  • Forest Park Drive (entire roadway)
  • Osprey Boulevard (entire roadway)