Together with our local residents associations, I am pleased to present “Trees of Hope” – a salute to Health Care workers and other front line workers who have gone above and beyond to provide essential care and services during the COVID-19 pandemic. Our hospitals are full and our nurses, doctors and other health care workers continue to offer their skills and support to patients and their families in very stressful and emotional circumstances. This is one small way we can support them!

Two locations have been identified in Ward 10 – one in Lisgar Fields Community Park and one in Churchill Meadows Community Common – where residents can express their appreciation by placing an ornament, ribbon, decoration or simple message on one of our Trees of Hope.  See below for the exact locations within these parks. The project launches on December 12, 2020 and runs for at least three weeks, leading into the new year. There is no “kick-off” event scheduled as gatherings are not permitted during COVID-19 “grey” lockdown in Ontario. You can simply walk (or drive) to the location at your convenience to add something to the tree anytime between Dec. 12 and 31. As an alternative, you may wish to hang an ornament or ribbon in a tree in your front yard or the city boulevard at your home as a personal salute to health care workers.

Often Christmastime is described as a ‘season of hope.’ Let’s all share in the hope of a better tomorrow and express our support of those on the front lines who are helping us get there. Thank you for supporting this initiative.

–Sue McFadden, City Councillor, Mississauga Ward 10



Location of Trees: Churchill Meadows Community Common, 3715 Thomas Street, near the skateboard park


Location of Tree: Lisgar Community Fields, 3805 Doug Leavens Blvd., near the tennis courts


My thanks to the following groups for helping to promote this initiative to our local residents.