I’m pleased to share some very good news related to a problem that many Ward 10 residents had in connecting to Mississauga 311.  Until recently, when residents on the westerly edge of the ward tried calling 311 on their mobile device, they would invariably get connected to 311 Halton (aka Access Halton). This was particularly a problem with Rogers subscribers. All along we’ve been told this is because of the cell tower network in the area. I asked our Director of Information Technology at the City to dig a little deeper into the problem and he and his team discovered that the underlying issue had to do with the telecommunications companies being unaware that the Ninth Line corridor lands were annexed into Mississauga from MIlton in 2010. As a result, the towers located in this corridor were still routing calls to Access Halton.  The necessary changes have been made to re-route the calls properly and staff have been doing some informal testing since then to review performance – with great success. I’m confident our residents will benefit from this improved service and thankful to staff for finally getting the bottom of this issue.