In my ongoing effort to address issues related to speeding on our residential roads, I am pleased to share that another neighbourhood in Ward 10 will be seeing the speed limit reduced from 50 km/hr to 40 km/hr this spring.

The Neighbourhood Area Speed Limit Project (NASL) was approved by Council on January 22, 2020 as part of the 2020 Budget. This project will reduce speed limits in all neighbourhoods citywide within one year. In addition, more than 200 neighbourhood school zones will have a reduced speed limit of 30 km/h, and school area community safety zones will be implemented on all City roadways for all school zones within the City.

The neighborhood north of Derry Road between Tenth Line and Ninth Line will be the next neighbourhood to receive the speed limit changes and community Safety Zones in Ward 10. The map illustrates the limits of the 40km/h speed limit areas, 30km/h school zones and Community Safety Zones.

Proposed 40 km/h NASL within the following boundary lines (excluding roads defined as boundaries and otherwise posted):

 Canadian Pacific Railway

Tenth Line West

Derry Road West

Ninth Line


30 km/h School Zone Speed Limit 

·        Rosehurst Drive between Hazelridge Road and Milkwood Crescent (north intersection).

·        Terragar Boulevard between Cork Tree Row and Black Walnut Trail.

Community Safety Zones

·        Rosehurst Drive between Terragar Boulevard and Derry Road West.

·        Terragar Boulevard between Ninth Line and Wild Cherry Lane.