Due to provincially-imposed restrictions around public gatherings as a means to reduce the spread of COVID-19, I have cancelled the Open House scheduled for April 1, 2020 related to the development at 5590 Tenth Line West. This project is a proposed medical facility and daycare at the southwest corner of Thomas Street and Tenth Line in Churchill Meadows. To allow the site plan process to move ahead, I am instead hosting a “Digital Open House” here on this page to invite the public to review the new plans for the building and property and ask questions and provide comments. I recognize that this is not ideal, but it is the best solution given the circumstances in order to avoid further delays on the project. This is the third public engagement session I am hosting for this property, and the new design is a significant departure from previous versions, as much of the feedback from previous sessions has been taken into account. The most notable change is that the building is just one storey above grade, rather than 4 storeys. A second level is proposed that will be mostly below grade. The building footprint on the property is larger to account for the fewer storeys. Underground parking will complement the surface parking to ensure sufficient parking on site.

Please review the site plans and elevations below and e-mail me with any questions you might have. We will do our best to get answers back to you from the applicant and/or city planning staff as quickly as we can, recognizing that there will be delays given the global pandemic going on. Thank you for your understanding.

Please begin with the document below prepared by City planning staff outlining the major differences between the old plan and the new one.


The files below illustrate the site plan and elevations for the new proposal. The renderings are approximate at this time and may change based on public feedback and comments received through the site plan process.





Please send any questions or comments to my office via e-mail no later than noon on Friday, April 3, 2020.

E-MAIL comments / questions